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Concentricity Tester
Concentricity Tester

Our strong point is the cooling processing.
We have more than 14 gun drills in our factory, and over 20,000 pieces of cooling core pins are produced per month. Every item is certified that the quality and concentricity is within 0.3mm T.I.R.

Keep Quality

Grind for SR drill
Grind for SR drill

The level of Quality for hole is higher than before. Now the hole of die cast core pin is very important.
We use gun drill machine which uses only SR-drill. We of course have special grinding machine for gun drill. This is necessary for accurate regrind.
Now we can produce a Ø3×L=600mm hole with good finish and concentricity and good finish by SR-drill.


We also use an Endoscope to check the finish inside the gun drilled hole. The minimum size is Ø2mm.

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