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Protect your main insert core

Recently, medium and large die-casting die main insert often to use. "LINER" that protects the water hole of main insert from rust and leakage from cracks in the insert.
It is really popular and we start to stock material. We have 3 choices of Material.
Each thermal conductivity is different.

CU ( Thermal Conductivity 389.773 [ W / m·K ] ) STOCK - Ø50
Brass ( Thermal Conductivity 121.542 [ W / m·K ] ) STOCK - Ø40
SUS303 ( Thermal Conductivity 16.345 [ W / m·K ] ) STOCK - Ø33

We would like to propose base thickness of liner are 1.0mm.
Sometimes problems are caused by too thin a liner, and some time the coolant effect is diminished if the liner is too thick. Please check the thermal conductivity and material for your die. We can produce liners with a max head diameter as shown above.

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