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E-Z Burr

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E-Z Burr


Front and Back Hole Deburring

Front and Back Hole Deburring As the revolving EZ Burr tool passes through the hole,
the blade removes the front burr.
As the tool is withdrawn, the blade removes the rear burr.

Easy Adjustability

With the EZ Burr tool, blade cutting pressure adjusts with a simple turn of the Allen screw conveniently exposed on the side of the shank. This provides a range of cutting pressures from extreme low to extreme high.

Using MC machine Using E-Z Burr
Using MC machine
If there is a height differences,
there will be a difference in the surface size.
Using E-Z Burr
Simple allen screw adjustment to provide
the perfect cutting pressure.
Low - break loctite seals the adjusting screw
to maintain torque tension.

Removes front and back burrs with one pass.

E-Z Burr

Up till now, work with many steps was impossible. (See diagram)
With E-Z burr, it can be handles easily by just one work tool.

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